Proud to be a veteran-, former law enforcement- and women-led company.

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Executive Team

When a global transportation and security expert gets together with an award-winning marketing/PR whiz, you get the magic that is MC500.
Brian T. Hoffman
Founder & CEO

A lifelong motor sports and car enthusiast with a professional background in law enforcement/security and transportation, Brian brings these special interests together to form MC500.

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Brian began his career in government security, working under Nelson Mandela’s government during the transition out of apartheid. His first company ran the security for the U.S. Embassy in Cape Town and later branched out to include corporate and celebrity security abroad in the United Kingdom. Brian has spent over 25 years providing security, transportation, event planning, and executive assistance to special delegations, families, groups, and individuals.

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Jennifer K. Bridgman
Founder & CMO

Jennifer’s first car was a bright, shiny candy apple red coupe. She drove off the lot with the wind in her hair and her foot on the accelerator, and life was never the same. 

Today as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Marketing & Communications, she provides leadership to MC 500’s day-to-day operations and all facets of its national marketing and communications efforts.

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Our Team

More than one of our clients has referred to us as “the best”—and that’s because we take great pride in the work we do, we love what we do, our experience is virtually unmatched, and we are very selective about who we choose for our team. We are experts not only in marketing, branding and PR but also in logistics, data research, transportation and safety/security.

Our team includes:

  • Award-winning marketing/PR experts whose work has appeared on behalf of some of the nation’s leading Fortune 500s, nonprofits and start-ups

  • Nationally recognized data and analytics professionals

  • Food and beverage professionals

  • Former law enforcement personnel including a government security operative who has worked extensively with U.S. Embassies

  • Veterans of the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps

Jennifer Hogeland